Topics Deferred from Documentation Session

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This page captures some of the topics that arose during the documentation session in June of 2005 that we decided would be tabled until a later date. This is the raw text that has been captured from the whiteboard; frankly, I don't completely understand each item. If you can clarify any of these items -- especially those with "(?)" next to them -- please do so. Some of these are areas where additional documentation would be helpful; others appear to be features that need to be added to future releases of resip. The feature enhancements should ultimately be moved off this page to an appropriate planning page. --Adam 07:39, 13 Jul 2005 (PDT)

  • Layer Above DUM
  • DUM v2
  • Using Jira
  • More Overlays (?)
  • Lying about Content-Length (handling of framing loss over TCP)
  • Elide copy in transport FIFO (?)
  • DNS ttl max (to compensate for insane DNS admins)
  • DNS individual entry cache flushing
  • Switch for VIP (Very Important Proxy) stickiness
  • DNS query failure message
  • Split Contents into separate files
  • App/Dialog per redirect
  • SipMessage copy constructor new optimization
  • "\" <sip:foo> (?)
  • Rewrite test stack to use a TU