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In order for recon to appeal to the widest audience possible, some changes should be made in order to provide a better layer between the underlying media stack (currently sipXtapi) and the Conversation Manager. The following tasks are required:

  • Provide a media access API/thin layer so that sipX API's are not accessed directly from different areas in recon source code. Currently sipX API's are accessed in the following locations:
    • ConversationManager.cxx - contains main sipXmediaFactory and sipXmediaInterface - the interface into sipX library
      • createMediaInterface
      • setVolume
      • setMicrophoneGain
      • muteMicrophone
      • enableEchoCancel
      • enableAutoGainControl
      • enableNoiseReduction
    • BridgeMixer.cxx - API's to control the sipX bridge mixing matrix
      • setMixWeightsForOutput
      • setMixWeightsForInput
    • MediaResourceParticipant.cxx - API's to play tones, files, media
      • start/stopTone
      • start/stopAudio
      • playBuffer
      • createPlayer (deprecated in latest sipX)
    • RemoteParticipantDialogSet - API's to create local socket/connection
      • create/deleteConnection
      • getCapabilities
      • getConnectionPortOnBridge
    • RemoteParticipant.cxx - API's to start/stop RTP
      • setConnectionDestination
      • start/stopRtpSend
      • start/stopRtpReceive
      • isReceivingRtpAudio
      • isSendingRtpAudio