ReSIProcate 1.0.2 Release

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Getting the software


The current release of reSIProcate is 1.0.2.


This release is made from the resiprocate-1.0.2 tag and can be checked out from the following SVN path:

For the standard subversion client you can fetch this with either:

svn export


svn checkout

Note that the scheme is https.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed a bug in the SRV load-leveling logic that could cause the stack to crash.
  • Fixed race-conditions in DUM that could cause a crash if a client reused transaction ids rapidly.

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the stack to crash if it received a request with a single empty Via header.

Version 1.0

Overall project changes

  • The resiprocate/os directory has been broken into two separate directories: rutil, and resip/stack.
  • DUM now lives in resip/dum. repro no longer resides within the resiprocate directory.
    • rutil consists of non-sip specific utility classes.
    • resip/stack consists of everything else that used to reside in resiprocate/os.

New features in build system

  • interactive configure script
  • implemented RESIP_FIXED_POINT compilation flag
  • added a PEDANTIC_STACK build flag that causes the stack to fully parse all incoming messages, and 400 if it finds garbage.
  • added support for stdext::hash_map for Visual Studio .NET 2003 builds
  • build system now handles absence of gperf gracefully

Bug fixes in build system

  • changes so that build with openSSL 0.98 works
  • VS.NET project files - changed all C-Runtime libraries to use Multithreaded DLL - consistent with sipX projects
  • various OS X build fixes
  • fixed clean and distclean build system targets
  • header files are no longer installed with mode 755 (is 644 now)
  • ares is now installed (using shared libraries required its presence)

New features in rutil

  • synchronous A-record lookup in DnsUtil
  • added Data::replace

Bug fixes in rutil

  • fixed initialization of OpenSSL
  • use SO_REUSEADDR for windows sockets
  • fix to remove race condition in AbstractFifo::getNext(int ms)
  • many openSSL memory leak fixes
  • Fixed Data::hash for non-plaintext.
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug in oDataStream.
  • fixes to Data::find
  • fixes to conversion methods in Data
  • fixed static initialization bug in Log.cxx where we were exhausting pthread_keys
  • fixed a memory leak in DnsStub
  • removed a dependency on resip/stack (moved SelectInterruptor to resip/stack)
  • OpenSSLInit no longer writes stuff to std::cerr (bypassing the logging system)

New features in stack