Limitations with sipXtapi media Integration

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Some Existing Limitations with sipX media Integration[edit]

  • In order get bridge mixer capabilities across all conversations, one sipX media interface object was used for all conversations created. This has the following limitations:
    • The default topology media interface has one tone player and one file player, thus only one media participant of each type can exist at a time. For example, if you create a media participant that is playing a file, and before it is finished, you create a second media participant that is playing a file, then the output from the second media participant will override the first and both media participants will be destroyed when the second file has completed playing.
    • The sipX compiled default is to allow 10 connections per media interface. Thus there is currently a limit of 7 remote participants in recon. The compile time flag: DEFAULT_BRIDGE_MAX_IN_OUTPUTS=10 can be used to change this maximum - it must be defined for both the recon and the sipXmediaLib projects.
Note:  When Bridge In/Outputs are set to 10, 3 of the bridge connections are used for 
       the local speaker/mic, the file player and the tone player, so their are 7 left 
       for remote participants.

In addition to the change of DEFAULT_BRIDGE_MAX_IN_OUTPUTS, the following changes might also be necessary:

-    enum { MAX_FLOWGRAPH_RESOURCES = 50 };
+    enum { MAX_FLOWGRAPH_RESOURCES = 300 };
  • The newer Topology Graph interface is used in recon to get Bridge Mixing support. The following is a list of features that have either been deprecated or are not yet implemented in this interface.
    • Streaming media from an http URL has been deperecated - thus http URLs are not supported in the createMediaParticipant interface.
    • When playing media tones and files, the local-only and remote-only flags have not yet been implemented, and will not currently work.