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(section from "dum doc outline")
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*Create a Security Object (if required)
*Create a Security Object (if required)
*Create stack
*Create SipStack
*Create DialogUsageManager
*Add transports
*Add transports
*Create profile
*Create/Set MasterProfile
*Set Profile options
**Supported Methods, Mime Types, etc.
*Set Handlers
**Validation Settings, Advertised Capabilities
*Start Process Loop
**Set Outbound Decorators
*Set Handlers (ie. InviteSessionHandler)
*Set Managers (ie. ClientAuth, KeepAlive)
*Set AppDialogSet Factory
*Start Stack Processing / Thread
*Start DUM Processing / Thread

Latest revision as of 13:33, 23 October 2010

  • Create a Security Object (if required)
  • Create SipStack
  • Create DialogUsageManager
  • Add transports
  • Create/Set MasterProfile
    • Supported Methods, Mime Types, etc.
    • Validation Settings, Advertised Capabilities
    • Set Outbound Decorators
  • Set Handlers (ie. InviteSessionHandler)
  • Set Managers (ie. ClientAuth, KeepAlive)
  • Set AppDialogSet Factory
  • Start Stack Processing / Thread
  • Start DUM Processing / Thread