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rePro has a built in web server for configration and adminstration. The default port for the rePro administration web interface is on port 5080. To configure rePro point your web broser to http://repro-host-address:5080 The default adminstator credentials for the web interface are:

 user-id: admin
 password: admin

Minimal Initial rePro Proxy Configuration

  • Define a domain

From the main rePro administration web page click on the CONFIGURE -> DOMAINS link on the left side of the page. Enter the fully qualified host name for the host upon which rePro is running or the cannonical domain for which rePro will handle SIP requests into the empty field to the right of the New Domain: label and click the Add button. Example:

  • Add at least one user

Click on the USERS -> ADD USER link on the left hand side of the rePro configuration web page. Fill in the user information for a user information. Minimally enter the User Name, select the Domain (if more than one is configured) and enter a Password. Example:

  User Name:alicedoe
  Full Name:Alice Doe

Configure and Register a SIP User Agent

Configure a SIP user agent (softphone or appliance) with the same user information entered for the user in the rePro configuration interface. The address of record (AOR) for the user will be sip:user-name@repro-domain where the user-name part is the value entered on in the User Name field on the USERS -> ADD USER page. The repro-domain part is the valued entered on the CONFIGURE -> DOMAINS page. Note: you can also see the users' AORs listed on the USERS -> SHOW USERS page. The authentication user id that is expected by rePro is the user-name part of the AOR (no @ or domain name). The parameters for your specific user agent may be labeled differently but typically the following information is required:

* User Address of Record
* Proxy
* User Authorization Id
* User Password

The values for these parameters assuming the above examples for domain and user would be as follows:

User Address of Record:
User Authorization Id: alicedoe
User Password: 1234