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Getting the software[edit]

Download reSIProcate 1.0.3[edit]


This release is made from the resiprocate-1.0.3 tag and can be checked out from the following SVN path:

For the standard subversion client you can fetch this with either:

svn export


svn checkout

Note that the scheme is https.

Release Notes v 1.0.3[edit]

  • fixed a bug where malformed IPV6 addresses in sip uris or vias could cause the stack to assert

Release Notes v 1.0.2[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in the SRV load-leveling logic that could cause the stack to crash.
  • Fixed race-conditions in DUM that could cause a crash if a client reused transaction ids rapidly.

Release Notes v 1.0.1[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the stack to crash if it received a request with a single empty Via header.

Release Notes v 1.0[edit]

General Changes[edit]

Overall project changes[edit]

  • The resiprocate/os directory has been broken into two separate directories: rutil, and resip/stack.
  • DUM now lives in resip/dum. repro no longer resides within the resiprocate directory.
    • rutil consists of non-sip specific utility classes.
    • resip/stack consists of everything else that used to reside in resiprocate/os.

Build System[edit]

New Features[edit]

  • interactive configure script
  • implemented RESIP_FIXED_POINT compilation flag
  • added a PEDANTIC_STACK build flag that causes the stack to fully parse all incoming messages, and 400 if it finds garbage.
  • added support for stdext::hash_map for Visual Studio .NET 2003 builds
  • build system now handles absence of gperf gracefully

Bug fixes[edit]

  • changes so that build with openSSL 0.98 works
  • VS.NET project files - changed all C-Runtime libraries to use Multithreaded DLL - consistent with sipX projects
  • various OS X build fixes
  • fixed clean and distclean build system targets
  • header files are no longer installed with mode 755 (is 644 now)
  • ares is now installed (using shared libraries required its presence)


New features[edit]

  • synchronous A-record lookup in DnsUtil
  • added Data::replace

Bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed initialization of OpenSSL
  • use SO_REUSEADDR for windows sockets
  • fix to remove race condition in AbstractFifo::getNext(int ms)
  • many openSSL memory leak fixes
  • Fixed Data::hash for non-plaintext.
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug in oDataStream.
  • fixes to Data::find
  • fixes to conversion methods in Data
  • fixed static initialization bug in Log.cxx where we were exhausting pthread_keys
  • fixed a memory leak in DnsStub
  • removed a dependency on resip/stack (moved SelectInterruptor to resip/stack)
  • OpenSSLInit no longer writes stuff to std::cerr (bypassing the logging system)


New Features[edit]

  • allow StatisticsManager to be disabled at runtime
  • added a MasterProfile setting (allowBadRegistrationsEnabled) to allow DUM to accept Registrations that have a To: tag
  • added getTlsPeerName method to SipMessage
  • added clearDnsCache to SipStack (thread safe)
  • added logDnsCache to SipStack (thread safe) - outputs DNS Cache to WarningLog for debugging
  • modified TLS client domain name check to look through all possible peer names
  • support for namespaces in pidf documents
  • STUN client support (in UdpTransport class)
  • Added capability for adding a MessageDecorator through a dum profile
  • s/mime encryption for SDP and IM
  • lots of new documentation
  • added Identity strength accessor to SecurityAttributes
  • runtime detection of ares/resip USE_IPV6 mismatch
  • ENUM support
  • support for privacy as per rfc3325
  • support for service-route (IMS)
  • added a mechanism to register for a callback just before a SipMessage is sent on the wire

Bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed initialization of array that determines whether headers should be comma encoded
  • fixed many transactionstate memory leaks
  • fix to SdpContents for duplicate fmtp attributes
  • fix submitted by Justin Matthews for potential invalid pointer access of mDnsResult
  • remove trailing spaces from non-quoted display name (NameAddr)
  • fix memory leak of SecurityAttributes
  • SdpContents: fixed bug in Session::Time operator=
  • some time_t use fixes so that we compatible with VS.NET 2005's default definition of time_t - which is a 64-bit integer
  • fixed UInt64 conversion for nonce stuff - digest auth was failing
  • fixed many transport memory leaks - the biggest one is with receiving CRLF keep alives on UDP transports
  • made domain name cert check for Client SSL connection non-case sensitive
  • fix for computeTag to use passed in size
  • fix for CSeqCategory and RAckCategory to use unsigned integers for sequence numbers
  • fix for Tuple IPV6 hash on linux platforms
  • changed ExpiresCategory.cxx to be an UInt32 so that Expires parameter can handle up to 2^32-1 as in RFC
  • Fixed a few assert/memory leak bugs in TransactionState caused by method mismatches between Request Line and CSeq.
  • Fixed numerous memory leaks in TransactionState that couold be caused by certain malformed headers.
  • TransactionState no longer 503s ACK when overloaded
  • Major fixes to connection management in the stack (including memory corruption bugs)
  • Fixed issue where we were sending TLS over the wrong IP version when we had TLS transports on both versions open.
  • Fixed many integral-value overflow bugs.
  • Fixed a few other parser bugs (for q-value, senthost in Via, branch parameter in Via)
  • implemented auto_ptr version of SipStack::send() and SipStack::sendTo()
  • implemented auto_ptr based SipStack::post() and postMs()
  • Fixed handling of stray CANCELs
  • made codec comparison case insensitive (findFirstMatchingCodec function)
  • modified stunTest to use nonblocking socket and selectable timeout
  • Added some missing closesocket calls to the rutil\STUN functions (note that stun has since been moved to resip/stack)
  • removed the static "done" check in Security::Initialize(), it caused a bug when the object was instantiated a second time
  • Corrected the Codec constructor for telephone-event and frf-dialed-event constants. A payload type of 8000 was used. (Not wrong but usually 101 is used. 8000 rather is the bandwidth)
  • Added two more codec constants. (G723 and GSM)
  • removed the bogus sleep stuff from stunSendTest
  • fixed parse bug in Phone::parse
  • fixed a bad free in Security
  • fixed SipFrag memory corruption issue
  • fixed nonce generation
  • fixed a memory leak in Security
  • fixed array overflow bug in SecurityAttributes
  • fixed a per-key/cert leak in Security
  • fixed a memory leak caused by malformed Content-Length over a stream-based transport (TCP or TLS)
  • support for short version of event (o)


New Features[edit]

  • allow Initial invite without an offer (dum)
  • added support for sending and receiving MESSAGE requests in an Invite Session
  • added support for re-invite with no offer
  • allow contents to be sent in acceptNit (InviteSession)
  • added onConnectedConfirmed callback for ACK (without answer) on initial invite
  • add rinstance parameter to registration contacts so that we can tell which contacts from the 200 response are ours (dum)
  • added profile reset method (dum)
  • added ability to get peer capabilities from InviteSession
  • added store of all peer names presented in a certificate's subjectAltName list
    • if no subjectAltName, then commonName is used
  • implemented command pattern/target based feature handling in dum
  • support for Allowed-Events header in DUM
  • added new signature for makeInviteSessionFromRefer - that allows specifying the User Profile to use. (this is required when creating an Invite Session from a refer with no-subscription)

Bug fixes[edit]

  • fix for shutdown assertions if outstanding invite sessions
  • fix for receiving stray dialog/dialogset matching messages during delayed destruction
  • fix for ending() a registration while in the process of retrying
  • ensure all 4xx responses to invites are handled correctly in dum
  • fix for dialogset destruction bug - cleaned up redirect logic used to destroy dialog, but keep dialogset around
  • change ClientSubscription.cxx and ServerSubscription.cxx to send all messages via the Dialog::send interface, instead of the DialogUsageManager::send interface. This allows requests to be tracked by the Dialog - so that it can correctly respond to Digest challenges.
  • fixes to dum states for initiating a BYE while waiting for an ACK
  • dum fix for setting correct reason text for NIT responses
  • many misc. fixes to InviteSession state machine
  • ServerPublication: fix for uninitialized mExpires in onInitial callback
  • fix for early SDP in provisional's (dum)
  • allow additional provisionals in EarlyProvidedAnswer state (dum)
  • ServerAuthManager - do not challenge ACKS or CANCELs
  • make subscription state checks non-case sensitive
  • corrected some missing sets of mProposedRemoteSdp
  • fixed Glare state handling in dispatchGlare
  • fixed mProposedLocalSdp memory leaks auto_ptr::release change to auto_ptr::reset
  • fix for getLocalSdp and getRemoteSdp if values are not yet set
  • 2xx retransmission is now detected and handled properly - no more incorrect handler callbacks (dum)
  • fix issue with receiving 2xx retrans when dialog is destroying - reported by Justin Matthews
  • fixed MessageWaitingContents encoder attributes
  • be resilient to implementations that send sdp in 200/Update event though we didn't send an offer (ie. Cisco 7960)
  • InviteSession: separate mLastSessionRefresh into mLastLocalSessionRefresh and mLastRemoteSessionRefresh fixes bug where remote message headers could get used in outbound requests
  • fix for calling end on a client SUBSCRIBE (or PUBLISH) dialog before any response is received
  • ClientRegistration - use Expires header if no Contacts are present
  • modified dum so that expiration values use UInt32 instead of int for storage
  • fixed initialization of AppDialogSet::mIsReUsed
  • ServerAuthManager no longer challenges ACK
  • InviteSession now handles re-invites with late offer
  • fixed bug where DUM was ignoring Expires in SUBSCRIBE/2xx
  • fixed uninitialized SharedPtr in DialogSet


New features[edit]

  • Framework for better control of forking in repro.
  • Many improvements to Processor architecture in repro (with respect to asynchronous work), with helper classes for easily setting up thread-banks for async tasks.
  • Support for Q-Value based forking in repro.
  • Implemented Timer C in repro.
  • added recursive redirect support to repro
  • support for ACL in repro
  • rpm build for repro

Bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an assert bug in repro's WebAdmin that would allow an unprivileged user to cause an assert.
  • repro no longer will forward 503s
  • fixed a stl::vector<>::front call to a (potentially) empty container
  • repro no longer challenges ACK or BYE
  • fixed numerous memory leaks in repro
  • major assert sweep of repro


  • a functor-driven test-framework, and lots of test-cases for repro.