Ensuring that repro can proxy SUBSCRIBE and PUBLISH requests

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Cert Server Eanbled[edit]

If you have the cert server enabled and are building with OpenSSL support then repro will NOT proxy on any SUBSCRIBE or PUBLISH messages – it will pass these messages to DUM and on to repro’s CertSubscriptionHandler.cxx, CertPublicationHandler.cxx, PrivateKeySubscriptionHandler.cxx or PrivateKeyPublicationHandler.cxx. In this case dum will end up rejecting any subscribe or publish messages without x509 bodies and an event type of certificate or credential.

Note: SVN Revision 6899 contains a change to ensure that only PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE messages with credential or certificate event types are passed up to DUM - other event types are now proxied on normally.

Cert Server Disabled[edit]

If you disable the cert server functionality then repro should proxy on subscribe and publish requests the same as any other.

Note: There was a bug in some older releases of repro that made disabling the cert server from the command line impossible. This bug also defaulted the cert server to being enabled.