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ENUM in the reSIProcate stack[edit]

  • See the Uri class and the DnsResult::lookup method

Ordering of search results[edit]

  • Note that ENUM suffixes are ordered in search results:
    • e.g. you search the suffixes e164.arpa, e164-addr.sip5060.net, e164.org
    • the stack will run the DNS queries in parallel
    • it will wait for responses from ALL suffixes, and then it will use the result from the highest priority suffix
    • if e164.arpa doesn't respond, and a response comes from e164-addr.sip5060.net and e164.org, it will always use the response from e164-addr.sip5060.net

ENUM support in repro[edit]

  • As of release 1.8.5, There are two configuration parameters in repro.config:
# Specify a comma separate list of enum suffixes to search for enum dns resolution
EnumSuffixes = e164.arpa, e164-addr.sip5060.net
# Specify the target domain(s) for ENUM logic support.  When a dialed SIP URI
# is addressed to +number@somedomain,
# where somedomain is an element of EnumDomains,
# the ENUM logic will be applied for the number
# If empty, ENUM is never used
EnumDomains = enum.example.org
  • Notice that if one of the `EnumDomains' is also local to the repro instance, it will not be considered by the ENUM logic.
  • See the note above about ordering of search results - this makes for `stacking' scenarios,
    • a local site ENUM can be preferred over results from a global ENUM
    • a local site ENUM can be preferred over the official e164.arpa tree
    • e164.arpa can be preferred over third-party public ENUM trees such as [e164-addr.sip5060.net] and [e164.org]
  • ENUM can be used with a solution like [dlz-ldap-enum] to quickly give repro support for all the phone numbers stored in an existing LDAP server

Future possibilities for improving ENUM support in reSIProcate and repro[edit]

  • repro
    • should the ENUM logic be applied earlier in the request context workflow, by a monkey for ENUM?
    • should it be possible to INVITE a tel: URI, all such requests would be treated as ENUM requests?
    • should it be possible to trigger the ENUM logic from the dial plan?
  • apps/sipdial
    • enabling ENUM support from the config?
    • ENUM popup?