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Q1 - capuchin (v0.2 = release 6030)


  • ACLs for sources (trustedNode Monkey repair)
  • IPV6
  • TLS

Q2 - howler

  • Identity
  • Outbound
  • GRUU
  • Memory/Performance improvements
  • I/O refactoring (giving other systems access to the primary pump)
  • Provisioning/Config interface Abstraction
  • P-Asserted-Identity
  • Proxy-Require
  • Authorization Sweep (e.g register for your own AOR only)
  • Privacy
  • Aliases
  • Tinderboxing (test/build bed)


  • ACLs for targets
  • Logging refactoring (administrator vs. developer; log rotation)
  • Unit tests
  • Enum (currently there's no way to try enum and then try something else if it fails)
  • Asynch number manipulation
  • NAT fixup (routes)
  • Change Qvalue representation from float to integers 0-1000
  • Fix MySQL TODOs
  • SIPPING Certs


  • Recursion Policy (functional and user based specialization)
  • Monitoring
  • Monkey config framework

Target Platforms

  • Linux Fedora Core 4 - rpms available
  • Windows XP, 2003, and 2000 Server - setup.msi available
  • Debian Linux - Debian packages available
  • Mac OS X 10.4 - compiled ok, dmg available
  • Mac OS X 10.3 - compiled ok, no package files
  • Solaris - not compiled

Old Roadmap (for reference)

Original Message from Cullen that started the repro project: message

Goals for 0.1 release (beginning of May)

  • source tar ball available
  • binaries available for Windows (exe), Linux (rpm), MacOSX (dmg)
  • allow web admin to modify and delete users and static routes
  • add access lists for devices that don't need to authenticate (like gateways)
  • tested according to test plan

Goals for 0.2 release

  • high availability (distribution of user database and registrations across a geographically diverse server farm)
  • call forwarding
  • certificate/credential service (draft-ietf-sipping-certs-01.txt)

Goals for 0.3 release

  • support for the GRUU extension and outbound-only connections