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Completed: 2007-December-05 17:00 CST

For periodic maintenance (i.e., to do a small kernel upgrade), the server will undergo a short 5-minute reboot.

Date: 2007, December 05
Time: 17:04 - 17:05 US/Central [moved up from: 08:30 - 09:00]
Affected: www.resiprocate.org, svn.resiprocate.org, list.resiprocate.org

Cancelled: 2007-October-?

We have received notification from our provider that they will be performing some maintenance on the power to the rack three days from now. We do not have an exact time, though, so we can provide no better details than what they have provided:

Date: 2007, October 12
Time: 07:00 - 16:00 US/Central
Affected: www.resiprocate.org, svn.resiprocate.org, list.resiprocate.org

From another server they have already performed this maintenance on, we can at least expect an outage of approximately 30 minutes if all goes as it did previously, though it could obviously be longer if problems arise.

More information will be posted here when we know more.

Update: 2007-10-14

The announced time has passed without the expected server reboot occurring and we have no new info, the date has been marked as unknown ("?") since we do not have an updated date of maintenance.